Our Services

Market Research

Caribbean Sustainable Development Group has the resources and knowledge to provide clients with detailed Market Research information on the entire region of Central America, and specific competitive information on Costa Rica and the Caribbean region of the country. We provide the type of competitive information that only a competitive partner invested in the region can. We are your source of Market Intelligence.

Due diligence

The success or failure of most ventures depends on two things, due diligence and planning. CSDG is your partner in strategic planning in the region, and in completing the due diligence necessary to limit surprises and create success. Site selection

Site Selection

CSDG is not a realtor or landlord, but we specialize in helping our clients and partners to find the right location and the right partners to accommodate their facilities needs, regardless of budget or the complexity of the requirements.

Permits and licenses

Having worked with the National and Local Government for years, we understand how to interface with government agencies, expediting permits and shattering bureaucracy to speed success and avoid snafus and future regulatory issues.

Our Database of Partners and Referrals

In those areas outside our team's expertise, we have a database of the best companies in Costa Rica and the Region to help you with any issues or need, from Legal Services, to recruiting banking, property management and more. We work with you to review your needs, budget and Providers qualifications.

Executive housing

We can arrange and provide executive housing from temporary to long term or permanent. We focus on housing that is Safe, convenient in location relative to your offices, with the specific amenities you require, including high speed internet, telephone lines, etc.

Job Fairs

We can arrange job fairs for 100 to thousands of potential employees, and provide pre-screeing, curriculum databases, etc., as you require. this can be coordinated with a local recruiter, your own HR staff, or we can manage all the prescreening process and provide you with a database of potential employees to be interviewed at a later time.